Anointing Oil


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Our Anointing oil’s come in  2 fragrances day and peace

Day:  Be inspired today with our day, perfume anointing oil filled with a wonderful blend of uplifting aromas to invoke a beautiful fragrance to remind you that today you are beautiful inside and out, brighten up your day in the sunny, summary, fresh scented perfume, anointing oil combined with a unique combination of notes that create a rich, vibrant, energetically, lovely aroma let the beautiful sent be a reminder of who you are and how you were created to be every day…… beautiful and glorious

Peace:  Let the mystery and covenant Peace of this universe inspire you today to call it fourth. Be transformed and motivated to keep peace at the forefront of your well-being, that transcends, into everything that you do. Anoint yourself today with peace, and be embraced by its tranquility.  Our Peace anointing oil is made from a special blend of fragrances with a unique combination of notes that create a rich clean and tropical beach, relaxing vibe